Read the report on Detecting Job Density Over Time

The Los Angeles region is a classic example of a “polycentric metropolis” that is characterized by several centers of job density instead of a single, dominant downtown.  This report examines how employment subcenters have been evolving since the 1990s in terms of their changing composition and spatial locations. Download the full report here.

Read the report on Understanding Business Churning Dynamics and their Spatial Variation

While job growth in a region is crucially important, the dynamic of business creation and business closure can reveal a lot about a region’s economy.  Does churning lead to “creative destruction” and a more efficient economy in the long-run or might it have negative consequences, especially in certain neighborhoods?  This report analyzes business churning at the neighborhood level across Southern California with an eye toward socio-demographic characteristics and local measures of well-being. Download the full report here.